How to Infuse
Mama Juana
Original Dominican Brew

Precondition Herbs
Day 1

Fill bottle with 16 oz. of red wine, covering herbs. Recap bottle, shake lightly, set aside for 3 full days.

Day 4

Carefully shake unopened bottle to loosen sediment. Uncap, strain and dispose red wine only. In a separate container, combine and stir:
  9 oz. Dark or Spiced Rum
  6 oz. Red Wine
  2 oz. Honey
Slowly fill the bottle with the mixture and recap. Softly shake, allowing mixture to blend with the herbsand spices. Set aside for a minimum of 4 full days.

Day 8

Shake well.
Make 8-10 cocktails!

Serve room temperature,
cold or over crushed ice.

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Note: In order to avoid contamination of bottle’s contents, never drink directly from bottle.

First batch may be a little strong, however each new batch will get smoother. For each new refill, follow Day 4 Infusion instructions. Allow 5 days minimum for infusion before drinking.
For long term storage, store in cool place away from bright lights.
Replace bottle after 10 refills for maximum herbal benefits.

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