Born out of passion, the celebration of culture and a love for good cocktails.

I believe that life is worth celebrating, and what better way to celebrate it than to engage all the senses in a fantastic cocktail?

My name is Argentina Flores. I’d like to formally welcome you to Mix’d Roots. I am a mother, a proud Afro-Latina (Dominican to be exact), a Creative Director, home cook, self-taught mixologist and event curator.

Since starting the first coworking space in 2012, in my native borough of Queens, NYC. I’ve been an organizer and local community champion. Through community-building events at QNS Collective, I learned pretty early; something magical happens when we gather, especially when delicious libations flow between friends.

Mix’d Roots was born from my passion for people and the celebration of food and culture.

Inspired by Heritage

For years I’ve been making herbal teas and fruit infusions taught to me by my grandmother, Gloria Peralta. As a kid, she introduced me to juices and herbal remedies she grew up drinking in her native Dominican Republic—fresh, flavorful juices made daily from the island’s wide variety of fruits and herbs. From Morir Soñando to Jugo de Chinola to Te de Jengibre and herbal botella’s, my grandmother gave me the gift of her inherited wisdom.

During 2020 quarantine, I spent many days making some of my grandmother’s recipes; it was then, the idea was born to create delicious, culturally inspired, yet 100% natural fruit and spice infusions for alcohol and zero-proof cocktails.

I saw an opportunity to bring a taste of my own culture to cocktails. Tropical fruit and herb mixes that embody the concept of “Heritage Inspired.”

Representing Culture & Delicious Traditions

Mix’d Roots infusions are made of a wide variety of fruits and herbs popular in the Caribbean and South and Central America.

The infusions are developed in a unique method with no additives or preservatives; it’s just premium fruits and spices hand-picked, naturally dried, and carefully bottled to enjoy at home.

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